Other Items For Sale

Although photography is my true passion in life, I have always loved building and creating things. And because of that, I have more items for sale!

Mermaid Jewelry

This is hand-wrapped sea glass, shells, and stones that I have found along the beach. I do not buy the items like some people do. These are each picked up by me. I then wrap each piece in wire, sometimes add a charm, and turn the beautiful beach piece into a wearable beach piece!

Here are some photos of my mermaid jewelry. Keep in mind, each piece is custom made and one-of-a-kind, so the items here are only a representation of what I have created.

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Driftwood Art

I have been making driftwood stars of various sizes for several years now, and I love them! They are a huge hit and I have also started branching out (get it??) into other driftwood items.

I have made custom orders for driftwood made in the shape of family cattle brands, crosses, and candle sticks:

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Contact me today for your custom order of jewelry and/or driftwood art!

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